PFE 500 / PFG 600

Henny Penny 4-head pressure fryers produce load after load of healthier, better-tasting fried chicken from less than 20 inches of wall space. Original color-keyed spindle makes it easy to create a perfect pressure seal every time.

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  • Color-keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal
  • Lid stays sealed until pressure reaches 1 psi
  • Electric: high-efficiency heating elements
  • Gas: high-efficiency burners, solid-state ignition
  • Onboard filtration
  • Choice of simple or feature-rich computer control
  • Fully insulated, heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot with 7-year warranty
  • Rectangular fry pot design promotes turbulence
  • Narrow footprint saves wall space
  • 6-head version available in electric, same platform and footprint
  • Pressure Assist option available for small product loads


Shortening Shuttle®
Filter Rinse Hose


PFE 500 Electric, PFG 600 Gas, PFE 561 Electric

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