320 Series

A true workhorse in the kitchen. Fast recovery for higher throughput. Onboard filtration extends oil life. Programmable operation means push button and cook.

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  • Electric or gas with high-efficiency burners, solid-state ignition
  • Fast temperature recovery
  • Earns the ENERGY STAR® mark
  • Choice of simple or feature-rich computer control
  • Onboard filtration
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  • Choice of full vat, split vat or combination
  • Auto-lift available

OFE 321 1-well electric, OFE 322 2-well electric, OFE 323 3-well electric, OFG 321 1-well gas, OFG 322 2-well gas, OFG 323 3-well gas, Auto Lift, OEA 321 1-well electric, OEA 322 2-well electric, OEA 323 3-well electric, OGA 321 1-well gas, OGA 322 2-well gas, OGA 323 3-well gas

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